A Radically New Approach

Polyverse protects highly valuable data in your company from large scale data breaches. It segments the data into thousands or even millions of individually protected, fully enclosed security containers.

Polyverse integrates with existing technology stacks and can be deployed with minimal effort. There is no need for large scale software rewrites.


Polyverse enhances system security and reduces the impact of successful cyber attacks.


Polyverse enhances and builds upon existing IT solutions.

Future Proof

By integrating with your current solutions, as your software improves, so does Polyverse.

Now Accepting Beta Applications

Polyverse is currently in private beta. Contact us at info@polyverse.io for information on our beta program. Please include the security code on the left. This security code was generated on 2015-05-17 23:57:24.901125236 +0000 UTC.

You are in a Polyverse Container now!

Access another container by adding a string to the polyverse.io url. For example: polyverse.io/alex is one container, while polyverse.io/archis is another one.

Add secret data to a container by adding a key-value pair URL parameter. For example, polyverse.io/alex?fruit=apple will inject that data in the container.

Secrets held by this container:
  • Itemid: 12
  • format: feed
  • fruit: apple
  • gf_page: upload
  • q: user
  • task: ../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../proc/self/environ�00
  • type: rss
  • uri: /
  • utm_campaign: LiTrial
  • utm_source: adwords