Proactive cybersecurity

Imagine a lotto game where the winning numbers were picked in advance and kept in an office drawer. What would happen? Every criminal around would be trying to break into that office and steal those numbers.

That’s essentially the situation with today’s enterprise computer applications – most hackers know exactly which numbers to play. “Zero-day” exploits that are readily available on the dark web can breach most application and system technologies with impunity, because no antivirus software signatures are yet available to defeat them.

Advanced persistent threats, in which malware and backdoors can lurk undetected for months inside enterprise systems, wreak havoc and steal data with little chance of being spotted. Insider threats, whether from rogue employees or compromised laptops, bypass perimeter cyberdefenses. And security analytics, undermined by significant error rates, do little to protect an organization from attack.

In an application secured by Polyverse, the odds for hackers are improbable and impractical. Polyverse’s technology assumes that any application component will inevitably be attacked and breached, and employs a concept known as Moving Target Defense (MTD) to continuously vary the target application’s attack surface.

Polyverse’s MTD platform consists of a suite of advanced software tools, from self-healing technologies to binary scrambling to dynamic sandboxed firewalls that create a near impenetrable barrier for cyberattackers. Far from knowing in advance how to break into a Polyversed application, hackers are confronted with a target that is constantly and randomly shifting – a cybersecurity lotto in which the numbers are always in motion.