If you’d like to use your elite programming skills to protect the good guys and bankrupt the bad, we’d love to hear from you.

Polyverse makes a groundbreaking, first-to-market cybersecurity solution that completely changes the game for hackers, and makes infiltrations and data breaches all but impossible. Our solution assumes that any application, service or connected device will inevitably be attacked and breached, so employs an advanced technology known as Moving Target Defense to pre-emptively and continuously vary a target’s attack surface. Our solution burns out malware by returning critical applications to a known good state every few seconds; confounds hackers by scrambling binary source code to foil zero-day exploits; and protects microservices with a Docker-certified Microservice Firewall that dynamically adapts to changing threats.

We’re a fast-growing startup based in the Seattle area, and offer competitive compensation and benefits, an exciting, flexible and fun work environment—and the challenge of revolutionizing the cybersecurity landscape.

Our favorite job candidates are experienced, full-stack software engineers with a strong formal academic training in computer science, and experience in cybersecurity.

Specific Openings

If you think you fit the bill, contact us at jobs@polyverse.io.

Stop Zero-day attacks in minutes!