Rapidly cycle and return your critical system applications to known good states every few seconds, automatically and pre-emptively removing any malware, even if it had otherwise gone undetected.

code scrambling

Use compiler-based scrambling of your binary source code to effectively disable zero-day exploits, even on unpatched systems. Scrambling provides inherent cybersecurity, with no signature updates required.

dynamic firewall

Protect your microservices and IoT networks with a Microservice Firewall that dynamically configures itself to adapt to a constantly changing security landscape.

Polyverse’s first-to-market cybersecurity solution protects you by completely disrupting hackers’ traditional advantages, and eliminating the asymmetrical economic benefits of today's hacking strategies.

Our solution assumes that your applications, services and connected devices will inevitably be attacked and breached, so it employs an advanced technology known as Moving Target Defense (MTD) to continuously vary their attack surface. As a result, hackers are consequently confronted with a perplexing target that is constantly and randomly shifting.

Polyverse has withstood every single rigorous third-party penetration test we or our customers have commissioned—even those that routinely outsmart conventional security tools. We offer you cutting-edge protection in a single, easy-to-install solution that is fully configurable to any of your systems—and it can be deployed either incrementally or as a comprehensive turnkey package.

The Polyverse solution is fully integrated into your system: our code simply ships and deploys alongside your own code. Deployment and training typically takes a few hours, rather than the weeks or more that is routine with conventional cybersecurity tools.

By changing the defense mindset from increasingly costly (and breachable) castle walls to an MTD-based model, Polyverse gives you organization-wide defense that is orders of magnitude better than existing security solutions.

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