Polyverse is a suite of technologies that embrace the principles of agile security and moving target defense. Our flagship product, polymorphic versions of Linux, can be quickly and easily deployed within minutes. For more in depth customer engagements, Polyverse also offers complete set of security technologies for end to end cybersecurity.


Rapidly cycle and return your application containers to known good states every few seconds, automatically and pre-emptively removing any malware, even if it had otherwise gone undetected.

Using software defined networking, Polyverse automatically and transparently handles all network reconfiguration and session management, making this process completely invisible to end users.

polymorphic linux

Use compiler-based scrambling for your entire application stack to effectively disable zero-day exploits, even on unpatched systems. Scrambling provides inherent cybersecurity, with no signature updates required.

The entire "app store" of Open Source Linux Applications in RPM, APT, and APK (over 10,000 projects) are continuously built with Polyverse's scrambling technology. Simply configure your installation scripts to point to Polyverse, and every yum install foo command will install a unique, scrambled binary, created just for you at that time.

MTD Suite

Polyverse's full Moving Target Defense suite includes the Container Cycler, Code Scrambler, Microservice Firewall, Validation Proxy, Crypto Proxy, Session Partitioning, and Container Pipes to provide comprehensive, defense in depth cybersecurity.

With the full suite of tools, network traffic can be easily sanitized, SQL injection and other script attacks blocked, and data can be protected with field level encryption.

Polyverse’s first-to-market Moving Target Defense cybersecurity solution protects you by completely disrupting hackers’ traditional advantages, and eliminating the asymmetrical economic benefits of today's hacking strategies.

Polyverse is designed for modern DevOps environments. Traditional cybersecurity approaches are heavyweight and cumbersome, ill-suited for modern agile development. Moving Target Defense (MTD) technologies create intrinsic cyber resiliency. Dynamic diversity in binaries and continously resetting systems to a known good state creates formidable entropy for attackers, rendering them ineffective.

Polyverse has withstood scores of third-party penetration tests we or our customers have commissioned—even those that routinely outsmart conventional security tools.

Importantly Deployment and training typically takes a few hours, rather than the weeks or more that is routine with conventional cybersecurity tools.

By changing the defense mindset from increasingly costly (and breachable) castle walls to an MTD-based model, Polyverse gives you organization-wide defense that is orders of magnitude better than existing security solutions.

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Stop Zero-day attacks in minutes!