Polyverse Ambassadors

Polyverse has the sole mission of simplifying consumption of Moving Target Defense, a cybersecurity methodology where the attacker is left confounded and confused against a defender who is rapidly moving. We fundamentally change the economics of cybersecurity, by developing defenses that require merely minutes, if not seconds, to implement, but are orders of magnitude more expensive to crack.

Polyverse builds and maintains a number of exciting open source projects, with our flagship Polyscripted PHP that promises to make code injection an attack from the past. We also maintain ReadHook, a penetration testing tool that can inject real buffer overflows into existing code, to validate the efficacy of applied defenses. A couple of similarly exciting projects are in the pipeline.

All being said and done, we believe the cybersecurity war will be won by people, not code. Many of you have reached out to us for more involvement. Some of you want to contribute to our projects, some of you want to consume them downstream, and some of you would love to demo them or talk about them.

We want to value the people behind the code through the Ambassador Program. We hope to foster and nurture conversations around Moving Target Defense, DevSecOps (the welcoming of Security into DevOps), pragmatic best practices, easy to use solutions, sponsor crazy new ideas like the next Polyscripting, and much more. This is a way to work with us, collaborate, and learn together.

Needless to say, lots of swag is only a small part of the deal. For Ambassadirs, we also sponsor speaking engagements on topics about pragmatic usable security, building of demos, recognize some of the more unorthodox ways you've managed to stay safe, etc. We have already handed off the Seattle DevSecOps meetup to others, and want to sponsor more meetups around the country (for now.)

If you'd like to host a DevSecOps meetup, deliver a talk on Pragmatic Security on any topic of your choice, inject a buffer overflow in real code, or generate a brand new programming language every time you run Wordpress, then get in touch with us at info@polyverse.io to become an Ambassador.

About Polyverse

Polyverse's polymorphic version of Linux is the only Moving Target Defense cybersecurity product proven by the U.S. Department of Defense to stop 100 percent of zero-day memory exploits from buffer overflow bugs and the like. Polyverse eliminates the need for costly and disruptive panic patching through its constant scrambling of binary code throughout the entire programming stack. Polyverse runs by far the world's largest build farm with over 1 million build jobs a day. Founded in 2015 by a group of technologists, Polyverse brings together top engineering and management talent from such firms as Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and academia. Polyverse is led by co-founder and CEO Alex Gounares, who brings 25 years of senior leadership experience in the technology industry, holding CTO roles at AOL and Microsoft, and serving as Technology Advisor to Microsoft Chairman and Founder Bill Gates. He has founded four startups and is an inventor on more than 200 U.S. patents. To learn more visit polyverse.io and for the latest Polyverse news follow us on Twitter @Polyverse_io or read our blog https://blog.polyverse.io.

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