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451 research case study
451 Research data shows a shortage of IT administration and networking skills across technologies. Newer approaches, such as Moving Target Defense, can embed security in the IT infrastructure and result in significant gains in time, skills and resources.
polyscript whitepaper
Polyscripting scrambles the programming language so hackers are unable to inject any malicious code.
Case Study
microfocus whitepaper
Securing your security information and event management (SIEM) software with polymorphic Moving Target Defense (MTD) technology.
moving target defense whitepaper
A resilient system is one where breach is assumed, but has defenses designed such that the system can continue to operate safely and reliably.
get to know polyverse
In this video CEO, Alex Gounares, explains the origins of Polyverse Polymorphic Linux and why it is important for software to be dynamic and unique.
understanding spectre p1
Morgan Hein describes in detail what the Spectre vulnerability is, how it works and why it's effective against every chip made in the last two decades.
product brief
Polyverse Polymorphic Linux uses Moving-Target Defense to strategically randomize memory layouts of the target application to stop memory exploitation attacks.
startups security image
Methods to effectively create execution plans that have a finite cost, are realistic, provide a tangible measurable benefit, are cheap, and cover your bases with customers, investors, and regulators.
how it works
Kiley Williams goes from explaining how to craft a memory-based attack, into how to thwart it, and what a real-world application of Polymorphic Linux looks like.
Morgan Hein discusses a new Open Source tool, EnVisen, which lets you view the exported symbols and ROP gadget surface area of your binaries in a visually-rich and purposeful way.
Case Study
isaca case study
This study conclusively demonstrated the resiliency of Polyverse’s Moving-Target Defense technology against web-application and remote-code exploit attacks.
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