Delivers drop-in, scrambled versions of Linux for zero-day protection

Polyverse utilizes ground-breaking moving-target defense technologies to protect systems from crafted attacks. We work with existing security systems to provide comprehensive zero-day protection, and more.

So How Does it Work?

Memory-based attacks work by targeting specific function locations, CPI registers, among others. Polyverse randomly changes all of these targeting details at the binary level. We take source code and run it through a polymorphic compiler, changing register usage, function locations, import tables, and so on to produce individually unique binaries that are semantically equivalent.

We then take the compiler and apply it to the totality of the Linux stack. These binaries are delivered through a standard package repository for your favorite version of Linux. Simply add Polyverse to the front of your mirror list, and then you're protected!
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Polymorphic Linux stops attacks instead of evading them

Access a uniquely randomized set of binaries for the full Linux stack. Deployment is simple, taking less than 5 minutes.

Stop Attacks in their Tracks

Moving-Target Defense

Reduce attackers windows of opportunity while increasing uncertainty and complexity. By harnessing Moving Target Defense, Polyverse creates strategic entropy in software systems.

Enable System Resiliency
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