The cyberdefenses we settle for today are static, dated, reactive and ineffective. They’re a fixed line of protection that require updates and patches, yet they are routinely breached. It happens every single day, and on one estimate it costs companies around the world a total of more than $3 trillion every single year.

Worse, remediation is reactive and relies on characterizing threats before developing fixes for them. It takes an average of 200 days to discover advanced persistent threats using traditional cybersecurity tools, so playing catch-up with the bad guys these days isn’t even an option.

Polyverse is the solution because we’ve changed the game.

We’ve taken the long-theoretical concept of Moving Target Defense and made it a reality. By forcing attackers into an impossible race against time, and perplexing them with a constantly changing target, we make their attack more trouble than it is worth. Polyverse completely disrupts the economics of hacking: someone else will always be an easier target.

Consider that the probability of zero-day attacks succeeding even in fully patched systems is typically 100%. Nothing will entirely eliminate that risk, but in a Polyversed system the odds of a successful breach, of any type, are 8x10-15. What does that mean in simple terms? Attackers have a .0000000000000008% chance of success.

Assume that an attacker beats those odds. With Polyverse, the maximum breach duration is five seconds. That’s it. Then the hacker has to start all over again, attacking a target that has already moved. All of their time and effort: wasted. Your system on the other hand, is in a known good state. Right where it ought to be.

Installation of Polyverse can take as little as two hours, and the impact on system latency is a mere 13 milliseconds.

Polyverse. It’s that good.

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