"Polyverse delivers a superior security product that we can quickly and easily deploy across thousands of PlayNetwork devices. I will sleep easier at night with the knowledge that PlayNetwork's critical infrastructure and network of devices in the field are protected by Polyverse's Moving Target Defense solution and supported by the Polyverse team of experts."

--- Josh Thomas | SVP of Technology


What is Polymorphic Linux?

Polyverse Polymorphic Linux randomizes and hardens open source Linux distributions using Moving-Target Defense technologies. Polymorphic Linux creates a constantly changing attack surface extraordinarily difficult for attackers to penetrate.

What does it do?

Stops zero-day attacks like Spectre and Meltdown
Solves patching panic
Creates resilient systems

Where can I use it?

Alpine, CentOS, Fedora, Red Hat Enterprise Linux* and Ubuntu Linux
Cloud, on-premises, or Internet of Things
Full stack protection: Linux, language frameworks, middleware

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Linux Security

Polyverse's Polymorphic Linux automatically protects the full Linux stack, and over 70,000 open-source projects on Linux, from Apache to Zsh, Java to Ruby, with no change to your application performance or scale.


Eliminate Zero-Days

Many Zero-Day attacks exploit memory vulnerabilities. Of the 7217 CVEs in 2017 of high or medium severity, a stunning 80% involve memory exploitation.

Polyverse's Polymorphic Linux is immune to these types of attacks. Use our free Entropy Visualizer to see this in action.

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