Static, homogenous systems are easy to hack—if attackers can get the same systems you are using (e.g. Linux, Java), you are vulnerable. Polyverse dynamically and continuously creates unique versions of 10,000 open source projects. Every one of your systems is unique to you and your server on every install.

Simply point your yum, apt, or apk configuration to and get #polyverseprotected.

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Stop Zero days

Constantly self-healing

One line install

Linux Security

Polyverse's Binary Scrambling technology automatically protects the top 10,000 open source projects on Linux, from Apache to Zymbra, Java to Ruby, with no change to your application performance or scale.

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Container Security

Polyverse continuously refreshes your containers to a known good state, automatically eliminating advanced persistent threats and other malware—all with less than 20ms of latency.

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About us


Polyverse is a privately held company founded by technologists who saw an unprecedented opportunity to stem the tide of cybercrime and make hacking critical systems all but impossible.

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