What is Polymorphic Linux?

Polyverse Polymorphic Linux randomizes and hardens open source Linux distributions using Moving Target Defense technologies. Polymorphic Linux creates a constantly changing attack surface extraordinarily difficult for attackers to penetrate.

What does it do?

Stop zero-day attacks like Spectre and Meltdown
Solves patching panic
Creates resilient systems

Where can I use it?

Ubuntu, Alpine, and CentOS Linux
Cloud, on-premises, or Internet of Things
Full stack protection: Linux, language frameworks, middleware

Stop Zero-Days

Automatic Diversity

for agile security

One line install

Zero Overhead

Linux Security

Polyverse's Polymorphic Linux automatically protects the full Linux stack, all 10,000+ open source projects on Linux, from Apache to Zsh, Java to Ruby, with no change to your application performance or scale.

Eliminate Zero-Days

Many Zero-Day attacks exploit memory vulnerabilities. Of the 7217 CVEs in 2017 of high or medium severity, a stunning 80% involve memory exploitation.

Polyverse's Polymorphic Linux is immune to these types of attacks. Use our free Entropy Visualizer to see this in action.

Latest News

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